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Indian Spices

We are counted as amongst some of the premium manufacturers and suppliers of Indian Spices, based in Fatehabad, Haryana, India. We ensure we offer you a wide range of premium quality Indian spices that are scientifically processed, hygienically packed to ensure that they retain their original taste, color and aroma for longer periods. Our product line of Indian Spices, consists of :
  • Green Cardamom
  • Panch Phoron Seeds
  • Garam Masala
  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Carom Seeds
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Black Pepper Seeds
  • Clove
  • Coriander Seeds

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Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom (Elachi) referred to as elaichi in India, is a delicately flavouring spice that can be used in enhancing flavours of sweet and savoury dishes. Mildly aromatic, the green cardamom also helps in fighting digestive issues and is also used as a mouth freshener. We offer pure and premium quality green cardamom at



Located in Fatehabad, Haryana, India we are acknowledged as a quality supplier and manufacturer of Cloves (Loang). The Cloves we offer are known for their purity, aroma and flavour. An integral part of many Indian dishes cloves are also one of the most important ingredients of the garam masala spice blend. We offer these


Black Pepper Seeds

We offer premium quality Black Pepper Seeds (Kali Mirch), which are carefully picked and hygienically processed in our well-managed pepper plantations. The black pepper seeds we offer are 100% pure and adulterant free. These black pepper seeds are used as a spice as well as are rich in medicinal properties. We are acknowledged


Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds (Jeera) we offer are widely used in seasoning and flavouring a wide range of sauces, gravies, vegetables and other savouries. Cumin seeds commonly known as Jeera also have high medicinal value and are a popular ingredient in ayurvedic and herbal medicines to treat stomach disorders as well as they are a great


Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds (Ajwain) known as ajwain in India are high in medicinal value for treating common colds and sinusitis. These carom seeds are also used in seasoning gravies and sauces for their unique and delicate pungent flavour. We offer pure and genuine carom seeds, which are hygienically processed, from Fatehabad, Haryana,


Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds (Saunf), commonly referred to as saunf have a distinct taste and aroma. Fennel seeds are served as an after meal as a mouth freshener in most restaurants for their high medicinal value for digestive problems. Fennel seeds are also used for flavouring and seasoning in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. We are


Fenugreek Seeds

We offer premium quality Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana), which are used in seasoning of a variety of pickles and gravies. Besides this fenugreek seeds have rich medicinal properties and act as a coolant for the body and fenugreek seeds are used in treating stomach disorders. The fenugreek seeds we offer are pure and free from


Price :INR 5.00

Garam Masala

We are a prominent and dependable supplier and manufacturer of Garam Masala from Fatehabad, Haryana, India. Garam Masala is a popular spice blend commonly used in South Asian cuisine. The Garam Masala we offer is a well-balanced blend of pure and fresh spices like green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and mace, among many


Panch Phoron Seeds

Panch Phoron Seeds (Panch Phoron) are a spice blend of 5 spices, which is commonly used in Eastern Indian Cuisine. This aromatic spice blend comprising of spices like cumin, fennel, nigella sativa, fenugreek and brown mustard, adds a unique flavour and pungency to any dish it is used in. The Panch Phoron Seeds we offer is a


Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds (Sabut Dhania) referred to as dhaniya seeds locally, are rich in medicinal value, while they are used as a thickening and flavouring agent in a many Indian gravies and sauces. We offer hygienically packed and processed coriander seeds, which are of international food safety standards Based in Fatehabad, Haryana,